Image: Bruce Gilchrist, 1998

ICA, London
23-30 MAY 1998

GASTARBYTER, a corruption of the German word 'gastarbeiter' meaning 'guest worker', is an installation which manifests frequency through light, vibration, audible and sub-sonic sound. The installation is the creation of three artists working with digital and electronic systems: Bruce Gilchrist has produced seminal live works using the unconscious body and digital feedback systems; Jo Joelson, artist/lighting designer, has developed a unique neon/mercury lighting technology that is responsive to specific audio frequencies; Dugal Mckinnon is an electro-acoustic composer from New Zealand, his integrated sound score for Gastarbyter was the first presentation of his work in the UK. More

For the preview of Gastarbyter at the ICA on 22:05:98, Adam Dant conducted the Donald Parsnip Reality Orchestra in a performance of Eine Millionen Leider fur die Umwiet zu Liebe (A Million Songs for the Environment You Love) which used 'found' musicians as troubedors signing urban odes. Gastarbyer was an ICA Live Art Commission funded by Arts Council England.

Gastarbyter toured with Polaria in April 2002 to the Centre for Contemporary Arts (CCA), Glasgow, and in November 2002 to the Northern Gallery for Contemporary Arts (NGCA).