spontaneous city

Photo: London Fieldworks, 2011


Cow Tower, Norwich NR1
6 May, 2011 ongoing

Waterloo Park, Norwich NR3 3HX
6 May, 2011 ongoing

Eaton Park, Norwich NR4 7AX
6 May, 2011 ongoing

London Fieldworks have created three new commissions for the Norfolk and Norwich Festival across the city’s public gardens, lesser known green spaces and urban corners. Spontaneous City aims to bring high-quality art projects to Norwich’s public realm; raise awareness of the ecological and cultural value of urban green spaces; encourage an understanding of and an engagement with ecology; and create opportunities for community engagement and collaboration. Spontaneous City is a poetic and eccentric space creation experiment for birds appearing in a number of urban green spaces across the city.

These sculptural ‘habitats’ are designed to contribute to the lifecycle of birds, providing spaces for shelter, nesting or feeding. These temporary interventions in the trees are assembled from hundreds of bespoke wooden bird and bug boxes reflecting the local architecture, a metaphorical interplay between the condition of the animal and the human. As well as being open to occupation by urban birds and insects, Spontaneous City can also be read as an allegory of population crash and dwindling biodiversity.

The installations have been commissioned by the Norfolk and Norwich Festival 2011